David Tucker  M IAEBP    
With offices in Farnham.

Your Specialist in Weight issues,Self-harming, Anxiety and stress.

Hello and welcome to my website where I offer private therapy to Adults Teenagers and Children.

I am a  dedicated and highly qualified therapist who is very passionate about the work I do and the people I work with. I am a registered member of the IAEBP ( International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy) and trained in the unique and amazing make yourself better limiting beliefs Programme, Hypnotherapy And Cognitive Processing And Intergration (CPI)

I am very fortunate to specialise and enjoy working with clients who struggle alone with issues of weight gain and loss, and also having to deal with the often negative opinion of others and the media that seem to accompany weight issues.The isolation people feel when they self-harm as a way of expressing or coping with the overwhelming emotional distress they are feeling,and the burden they feel on themselves to protect those around them from how they feel .The genuinely horrible, some things always wrong , self doubting - not worthy feelings of anxiety , and  the scary, out of control, snappy and aggressive feelings that can be caused by being over stressed.

I thank you for visiting my website and commend you for seeking some help and guidance with your problems .  The number of Therapies being offered can be overwhelming and confusing which is why I offer a complimentary consultation lasting one hour . Its important you feel secure and supported with  your therapist and that together we can explore your needs and really work together to discover the best therapy for you allowing you to  crack on and enjoy your life. I also give free in between session support via text/email/phone to all my clients .

So , for the next step - pick up the phone and ring me,text me or email me using the icons at the top of the page so we can book you in for your free consultation , please leave a message with your name and number if I am working with a client and i will get back to you asap.

If I am with a client when you ring you will be connected to my personnel answer phone. If you can leave your name and number i will call you back as soon as i am free. For the sake of client confidentiality, when I ring you back I will not give my name, and will speak only to you.

07834 206593


Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation and focused attention. And in this very natural state of mind people find they can relinquish worries and concerns, imagine new possibilities and tap into unrealised potential. It enables people to improve their emotional state and really get the best out of their abilities.

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The Thrive Programme is designed to help people change their own "limiting beliefs" and unhelpful thinking styles that can stop you from really living your life to the fullest and realizing your true potential. It  is based on the best selling Thrive book by Rob Kelly.   Please check out the reviews on Amazon.        

For more about this amazing programme and to learn more about Thrive in surrey please click here. 

CPI therapy in Surrey

Sometimes we experience unpleasant and traumatic experiences , so traumatic we cant face up to it, thus we try to avoid thinking about it and even attempt to bury it , leaving the experience unresolved and working against you. CPI is a new very successful  therapy designed to help you deal with and move on from the unpleasant,conflicting and traumatic experience from your past.

for more info about CPI at the Surrey and Rushmoor hypnotherapy centre please click here Cognitive Processing and Integration

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